"I've used the PEMF machine for a variety of reasons, and it has never failed me. Here they are:


- Migraine headache

- Trigeminal neuralgia (toothache of several upper teeth)

- Knee pain

- To get through a workday when I had a fever

- For energy 


I thank heaven the machine resides in the office and I can use it when I need it."   Dr. Alice Bell

"After many visits to every specialist imaginable, Dr. Graham was the one who finally diagnosed me with Lyme Disease. She helped me immensely throughout my treatment. I have tried many diets, supplements, and other homeopathic remedies to help me heal and ease my symptoms. Dr. Graham has been the only one to help me. She is the nicest, most involved practitioner I've ever encountered.  She genuinely cares about her patients.  She has gone above and beyond to assist me in any way possible.   The treatment that has helped me the most is the Sanza PEMF mat. It has given me a little more energy, positive mood.   I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone! I truly believe Dr. Graham and the Sanza technology will help me get back to work and have a healthy life.  If you are looking for a naturopath, look no further, Dr. Graham creates a caring environment where you can be open and honest. Whether its chronic illness, weight loss related, or any other matter, she will always get you to where you want to be."  Sarah B. 
"For weeks I've had a deep bone bruise in my knee that was not progressing at all.  It felt thick and stuck, and I could not straighten my leg.  In order to walk I had to use crutches.  The day after my first PEMF treatment it felt like there was more space and air in my knee joint.  I felt a sensation of the Interior breathing and circulating more, which made my knee easier to move.  I had two more PEMF Treatments and they accelerated the healing, so now I wake up without stiffness and pain in my knee."    Susan F

"Ever since my son was diagnosed with ASD at 12 months, we have been searching for answers. Many therapies have been helpful, but most have not. Luckily we found Dr. Graham. We have been working with Dr. Graham for a few months now. Through diet change and vitamin supplements, we have been able to address many underlying gut issues my son was experiencing. Recently we have also started hyperbaric therapy treatment for my son. With 12 sessions completed, we have already started noticing improvements. Even our son’s teachers commented on how much he progressed. Tantrums over the smallest issues have diminished. We are now able to explain situations and things that are expected of him much easier. 


Working with Dr. Graham has been an amazing and refreshing experience. She’s always trying to find ways to help our son and is in constant communication with us. She genuinely cares for our son and wants to make a difference and we’re extremely grateful to have a doctor that is truly partnering with us on our journey. "    ~ Agnes


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