The real story on radiation

The Wi-Fi revolution has taken over our lives, but it's time to take a step back and look at the effects that this technology is having on us. The health of humans and the ecosystem are being affected by all our exposure to radiation.

Nothing is more critical to modern life than access to Wi-Fi, but are we paying for convenience with our health? There has been much concern about Wi-Fi radiation's effects, such as disrupted sleep patterns, headaches, chronic pain, and infertility. We've seen these reports on tv or read them online without giving too much thought to their source. But there has been a lot of research that suggests the electromagnetic waves emitted from routers and cell phone towers may be harmful in an unprecedented number of ways. Wi-Fi radiation impacts us by disrupting our bioelectrical fields and those around us in an ecosystem where all beings depend on each other for survival.

Please read this letter from Patrons of the Planet for more information.

Patrons of the Planet
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