PEMF for pain

It seems these days that so many people are suffering from pain. It can be a good thing in that it can let you know that there is a problem. We all have a “pain threshold.” This is the point at which we feel pain. A problem exists when a person’s threshold is low; then we experience more pain which can be severe and constant. This is the case for people with fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, and migraines to name only a few causes.

The body produces natural opiates or endorphins. There are several ways to increase endorphins—exercise, deep breathing, massage, yoga, and PEMF.

PEMF therapy promotes endorphin production which in turn relieves pain. PEMF also sends microcurrents through the nerves which reduce the signal. This means less perception of pain (i.e., it prevents the brain from sending out overinflated pain signals).

About 85% of adults at some time in their life experience back pain. It is the number one cause of disability claims. Billions are spent on treatments for back pain every year. Many of these treatments come with considerable risk.

Headaches are the second most common neurological complaint. A common treatment for migraines is a Botox injection.

Rather than risking the side effects of these treatments which often only provide moderate relief, PEMF offers a non-invasive treatment that helps to repair brain tissue and adjust brain frequency functions, helping to calm overactive signals which cause the pain. PEMF, being safe and noninvasive, should be considered before riskier options.

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