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Have you tried PEMF for insomnia?

Are you not sleeping as well as you would like?

This is a common issue for many people. There are many reasons why people have insomnia, one may be that they have Lyme disease. Sleep is just so important for healing. It is during the night that we heal, we repair and we regenerate.

Along with improving sleep, comes the increase in energy. PEMF improves the delivery of the essential nutrients needed for the production of ATP, which is converted into ADP energy.

The body is designed to be well, but over time, toxins in the form of pesticides on food, dirty air and water, electrical pollution from all the electronics, interrupt the healthy functioning of our bodies. When this happens, we begin not to feel like ourselves, where our energy slumps. PEMF helps to restore the channels in our body, which are responsible for the delivery of the elements to produce energy, which is responsible for the health of all the work that the body does, 24/7.

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