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Get Your Body Functioning Properly

Pivotal Health’s objective is to get your body back on track, reintroducing healthy #electromagnetic waves, removing toxins, restoring balance and muscle tone, which in the end will bring more health, energy and vitality.

The treatments at Pivotal Health will help re-educate the body.

We are sick because our bodies stop functioning properly.


There are several reasons our bodies are not functioning properly -

insect bite, #toxins in our food, water and air, #EMF’s, mold, antibiotics, poor diets just to name a few.

Why did I form Pivotal Health?

I have been a #naturopath for 12 years, and I was an ICU nurse for many years before

Dr. Graham founder of Pivotal Health
Dr. Carolyn Graham

that. I became a naturopath because I didn’t like giving drugs to eliminate a symptom. It seemed that people were on so many pills, all of which can have side effects.

Life may have been extended but quality of life wasn’t always there. As a naturopath, I try to find the cause and eliminate it, rather than masking the symptom with a short term fix that doesn't necessarily get to the root cause of the sickness or imbalance.

As I continue to learn, I have come to understand that the population as a whole is less healthy than it had been and the percentage of people who are chronically ill is increasing every year. #Autoimmune disease, lyme disease, autism, cancer, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases are all increasing in numbers.

If you are interested in learning more about treatments, please feel free to email me directly -

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